Pollo Campero: the authentic flavor that’s conquering the U.S. market, according to Business Insider

January 31 2024

Pollo Campero, the iconic restaurant chain part of CMI (Corporación Multi Inversiones), continues to establish itself in the U.S. market, thanks to its distinctive menu and the experiences of its customers, as reported by the prestigious media outlet.

In a recent article by Business Insider, Nancy Luna, the restaurant experience correspondent for the media, highlighted Pollo Campero as the rising sensation in the highly competitive segment of the U.S. market.

During her visit to one of the Pollo Campero restaurants in California, United States, the journalist highlighted the variety and breadth of the menu, emphasizing the flavor and consistency of the distinctive fried chicken and the side dishes, such as beans. In the case of dessert, the unique Campero flan stood out. Another notable aspect was the service experience, distinguished by the use of tableware, reflecting the family -dine in- experience and atmosphere that the restaurant provides to its customers. 

Blas Escarcega, Director of Franchise Development for Pollo Campero, spoke with Luna about this service experience, highlighting that the brand’s unique menu and service style set it apart from other fast-food concepts. ‘We have flavorful chicken meals with unique sides, something that distinguishes us from other concepts,’ Escarcega concluded. 

A legacy that transcends

The article highlights the 50-plus-year history of Pollo Campero in the Central American region, being one of the most beloved fast-food restaurants in Guatemala and El Salvador. 

With a presence of 20 years in the U.S. market, in 2023, Pollo Campero accelerated its expansion, aiming to reach 100 restaurants by 2024, with the goal of having 250 restaurants by 2026. Targeting key markets such as California, New York, Texas, Washington DC, Illinois, Boston, Nevada, Atlanta, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, Tennessee, northern Florida, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado, Campero will continue to open more locations, both company-owned and through franchise opportunities. 

This growth aligns with the announcement made by CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones, in 2022, an investment of over $190 for the expansion of the Pollo Campero brand in the United States. 

As a multi-Latin family owned corporation, and under the leadership of the third generation of the family, with Juan José Gutiérrez as the Chairman of CMI Alimentos, at CMI, we are committed to job creation and development, bringing our strength and tradition of trusted local flavor to new markets.