GAMA is a brand of Central American origin with more than 50 years offering consumers a family of brands and products of high quality and tradition in more than 9 countries where it is present. It provides a wide variety of consumer experiences for all ages at all times of the day.

Family Products

  • Soda y Salada: 4 baked cookies that stand out for their unique Crunch; combine them with tuna, ceviche, cheese, jam or as you wish. They accompany you so that you can experiment, be inspired and manage to create the best recipes, so that you can be the perfect host.
  • The delicious Wafers: 3 cookies filled with vanilla that you can eat alone or accompanied by a delicious ice cream.
  • Coctel fiesta: a delicious Club cookie at an excellent price.
  • The María Gama and the delicious Margaritas: they make your coffee moment perfect. Find them at your favorite store or supermarket!

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Regional Presence

GAMA is present in: Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico and the United States.