Pollo Campero

Pollo Campero, part of CMI, has been leading the chicken restaurant market in the region for more than 50 years, serving more than 280 million customers annually in the 8 countries where it operates: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Italy and Spain.

Campero was born in Guatemala in 1971 and a year later began operations in El Salvador, under the direction of a group of businessmen led by Mr. Dionisio Gutiérrez G., founder of the company. Subsequently, the brand expanded to other countries in the region such as the United States, Mexico, Honduras and Ecuador, becoming a key business of the CMI Alimentos group, part of CMI.

With more than eight thousand employees and 370 restaurants around the world, Pollo Campero continues to transcend borders with its traditional flavor and excellent service. In addition, the brand supports thousands of people, through its projects with social impact such as the Great Raffle Join Ayuvi, which has been supporting children with cancer in Guatemala for more than 20 years, and Join Pollo Campero to save children’s lives. with cancer in El Salvador. The Campero Institute, which has been providing education to Pollo Campero employees for 30 years.

The Campero family continues to grow to be closer to its consumers, through innovations such as the Campero App and its +Campero rewards program, and the constant construction of its omnichannel strategy.

Pollo Campero has become an emblem and a nostalgic brand for Guatemalan and Salvadoran gastronomic culture. Its main motivation has always been to provide the best service and quality product to all its consumers, forcing them to adapt and put their customers at the center of their decisions.









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