Rufo is a brand with a presence in Central America and the Caribbean, its main objective is to contribute to the food and nutrition of your family's love, taking care of the health and nutrition of one of its most important members: dogs

Rufo has the VitaCan System, a formula with the right combination of proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals to keep pets healthy, strong and active.

This system has everything necessary for the growth of the dog and the strengthening of its defenses to avoid diseases, so no additional supplements are required.

Adult Rufo and Pup Rufo have:

  • 100% natural Chicken Protein, so it is highly digestible (nutritious and healthy).
  • Taste and smell of Bacon.
  • Practical packaging, easy to handle and store.
  • Presentations: 1lb, 2.2lbs, 4.4lbs, 8.8lbs, 44lbs and 100lbs.

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