CMI Capital

“We generate impact investments that promote sustainable development”.

At CMI Capital we seek to develop projects and businesses, ensuring that our growth generates opportunities to grow together with our collaborators, clients, suppliers; but, in addition, being responsible citizens.

We contribute to the development of countries

The size of our business and our geographic footprint require us to not only make our operations sustainable, but also to be able to contribute measurably to the development of countries.

We provide comprehensive solutions

We are a Active Asset Manager of capital-intensive assets that seeks to optimize our portfolio and leverage our capabilities to provide comprehensive solutions that drive sustainable transformation of our clients.

We generate investments that have a positive impact

For this reason, we declare that our purpose must aim to be an active part, from a role of agents of change in the region and from our capacity to generate investments that have a positive economic, environmental and social impact.

We are committed to our environment

We implement projects that provide measurable benefits in social, economic and environmental issues to promote sustainability.

Renace Hydroelectric Complex – Guatemala

Always looking for opportunities

We seek to generate sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life for people and the conditions of the planet. We also expanded our efforts to optimize our environmental footprint and thus achieve sustainable operations that reflect our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Energy solutions

We develop, design, execute, operate, and commercialize renewable energy generation projects. We have a presence in Central America and the Caribbean.

Real-estate solutions

We are dedicated to the development and operation of shopping malls with Pradera shopping mall networks; and to the development of real-estate projects through Multi-Proyectos.

Financial solutions

We offer financial services to the companies that integrate CMI through funding, investment management, insurance services, among others.

We cover the commercial, industrial, agricultural, services and finance, individual, housing, energy and construction sectors.

Green Bonds

CMI Energy, part of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), successfully placed US $ 700 million of green bonds at an interest rate of 6.250% and maturing in 2029, and closed a syndicated loan of $ 300 million to refinance its debt. The successful transaction was executed in the framework of CMI’s 100th anniversary celebration.