CMI Foods

"We feed your world to fill it with well-being".

In CMI Foods, we develop products focused on the food and nutrition of Latin American families.

We are proud to be part of the history, tradition, and local taste of the countries where we operate, as one of the largest and most important food groups in the region in the businesses of wheat and corn flour mills; pasta and cookies production; poultry and pork industries with processed foods and cold cuts; balanced food for animals and pets, and in the restaurant industry.

Flours and premixes

We produce and commercialize more than 60 leading brands of wheat and corn flour, wheat and corn semolina, and industrial and family premixes.


We produce and commercialize pasta, recognized by its quality, taste, and nutritional value. It is manufactured with 100% natural or wheat-based raw materials.


We have a wide portfolio of sweet and salty cookies that are produced and distributed to suit every taste throughout Central America and the Caribbean.

Animal nutrition

We produce, distribute, and commercialize balanced food made especially for animals and pets in Central America and the Caribbean.


We produce, manufacture, and commercialize the whole chicken and pork meat food chain.


In our portfolio, we have a variety of restaurants, both fast food and popular formats.

Strategic Investments

We have achieved our growth outside the borders and the Caribbean through strategic investments with external partners.

This is how, in 2017, the La Estancia investment platform was created, which allowed us to own a shareholding in Pronaca, an Ecuadorian family business that is a leader in the production and distribution of products in the food sector. We also invested in Toledano, a leading company in Panama in the poultry industry.

Integrated Management Policies

As responsible, upright and transparent citizens, at CMI we work to be a world-class corporation, a leader in relevant businesses that generate value in a sustained manner for shareholders, consumers, clients, suppliers, collaborators and the community in the countries where we have presence.

We invite you to read our policies:

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