More than 100 years generating economic, social and environmental value in the communities where we operate, offering excellence and quality in our products, services and projects.

"Clear accounts and thick chocolate"

For CMI (Corporación Multi Inversiones), the REIR values are one of the most important legacies that our founder Juan Bautista Gutiérrez left us, since they are a fundamental pillar in the behavior that we have adopted as a Corporation.

Aligned with this way of acting and with a behavior based on Responsibility, Excellence, Integrity and Respect, we seek that our more than 10,000 suppliers can be part of this experience of compliance and generation of sustainable value.

The commitment to apply our values throughout the supply chain and serve as a world-class organization, reaches all of us who are part of the CMI family and who in one way or another represent us in the market.

Become a Supplier

For CMI, its supplier network is very important, so the process to be part of this database begins with contact from CMI to our suppliers.​

If you wish to be part of our network of providers, you can write us to the following email addresses, depending on the group to which you wish to offer your services:​

CMI Foods
[email protected]

CMI Capital
[email protected]


At CMI we work to be a world-class corporation, a leader in relevant businesses that generate value in a sustained way for our shareholders, consumers, clients, suppliers, collaborators and the community in the territories where we have presence.

Supplier Certification and Registration

The registration must be made in our Technological Tool for Supplying Coupa and subsequently carry out the certification process.

Technological Tool for Supplying

As a world-class corporation, we seek efficient operation with our suppliers through control systems and high international standards.

Strengthening Our Suppliers

Get to know our Code of Ethics: Inspired by the REIR values (Responsibility, Excellence, Integrity and Respect), a legacy and example of life that our founder inherited from us.

Find out how we invite our suppliers to live CMI’s REIR values:

REIR's Code of Ethics

Be responsible

  • Contribute to the search for transparency.
  • Declare in a transparent manner the information required by CMI in the supplier certification process.
  • Do not forget to declare any conflict of interest you may have with any collaborator within CMI.
  • Strengthen your relationship with CMI.
  • Collaborate and provide the information required by CMI.
  • Participate in verifications and collaborate with CMI in continuous improvement.
  • Be open to inspections of your facilities to verify regulatory compliance.
  • Appoint someone responsible for legal compliance and CMI’s policies and values.

Seek excellence

  • Get to know the needs of CMI, evaluate and supervise the service you provide.
  • Collaborate with the compliance program, taking the required training to prevent, correct and mitigate regulatory breaches.
  • Promotes an environment of continuous improvement, and alignment to compliance.
  • Comply with CMI policies and meet the requirements to be our supplier.

Act with Integrity

Our value of integrity seeks to guide our actions and those of our suppliers on a daily basis. In the search of being a world-class company, we refrain from carrying out transactions with suppliers that within their practices:

  • Offers gifts or invitations to collaborators and representatives of CMI, compromising their impartiality in the relationship of services.
  • Promotes acts of bribery, fraud, corruption and unethical practices.

We promote an environment of control in our relationships, so we not only seek to prevent improper acts, but we also promote a culture of compliance based on the fact that we are all responsible for our actions, and on the consistency of our words and actions.

At CMI it is essential to maintain transparent relationships with any supplier, so in search of a sustainable and long-term relationship, it is not allowed to violate our values and to be tolerant with those suppliers that violate them, so with that spirit of compliance we encourage open communication, and we put at your disposal CMI Hears You. It aims to create a communication channel with CMI, in which we can regulate or sanction those situations that may negatively affect the Corporation and its collaborators.

Be respectful

For CMI, the well-being of our collaborators, clients and suppliers is important, and we emphasize the importance of respect for each one of them.

In our desire to build a collaborative and compliance environment, we encourage and urge our suppliers to maintain respectful environments for our and their collaborators.

We foster a work environment that respects the law, so we seek that our suppliers refrain from hiring child, forced or exploitative labor.

We encourage hiring responsibly and in compliance with the labor rights established by the legislation of the territory where they are located.

We encourage our suppliers to promote a safe, healthy and clean work environment, in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations of the territories where they provide their services and according to the sector or industry to which they belong.


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions as a supplier.

Pa’Lante CMI Supplier Summit 2024

At CMI we believe in the opportunity to grow together with strategic allies such as our suppliers, who contribute as a key piece to achieve excellence in the services and products we deliver to our clients and consumers.

We invite you to join our new edition of CMI Suppliers Summit: Pa’Lante 2024, inspired by the phrase of our founder, Juan Bautista Gutiérrez “Hay que echar pa’lante” (Keep moving forward).