At CMI we generate sustainable development with an impact on people, families and communities where we operate in a consistent and measurable manner, and contributing to generating an improvement in the economy, the environment and the society in which we live.

Since our beginnings we have been aware of the impact we have had on the communities in which we operate. For this reason, we have taken measures to integrate sustainability into our way of working, identifying objectives and goals that allow us to contribute to sustainable development in these communities.

At CMI we want to ensure sustainability standards in our operations and generate value for the company through sustainable performance, pillars that lay the foundations of our differentiated way of doing things.

Initiatives aligned to our corporate citizenship

  • Reduce the water footprint of our operations through the efficient use of water and guarantee the quality of wastewater
  • Reduce waste generation and optimize reuse, recycling and disposal processes
  • Prevent accidents, injuries and fatalities at work; and guard against occupational diseases.
  • Act as a good corporate citizen, achieving the objectives of social action aligned to the four axes: CMI Leads, CMI Educates, CMI Together with You and CMI Takes Care of the Environment.
  • Integrate environmental, social and corporate governance aspects (Environmental, Social and Governance) to impact investments and promote the use of sustainable financial instruments.
  • Help guarantee food safety; strengthening the nutritional profile of our portfolio, communicating nutritional information to our consumers and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Initiatives under principles of good governance

We implement these initiatives under the principles of good governance:

  • Supervision of risks and opportunities
  • Understanding implications
  • Constant measurement and evaluation
  • Integrating sustainability into our strategy
  • Creation of an incentive system aligned with well-being in the long term
  • Reporting and communication
  • Constant dialogue to identify methodologies, requirements and risks

At CMI we promote the generation of a positive impact in the region through a robust sustainability strategy and an effective governance structure. By 2030 we want to be the benchmark in sustainability for the region.

Strategy with Purpose

Our sustainability strategy reaffirms our clear commitment as part of our DNA in decision-making and the way we do business.

Through the growth of our businesses, we promote transformations for the good of societies, through renewable energy, financing with environmental and social impact, sustainable urban and industrial development, and access to clean technology.