Corporate Citizenship

At CMI we work under the philosophy that every business must be committed to the sustainable development of communities, the country and the world.

For this reason, we invest time and resources in the creation of programs and projects aligned with the search to transform our world to achieve a better future.


With the participation of the population, we promote sustainability initiatives that aim to break the vicious circle of poverty, promote better living conditions and generate development in the short, medium and long term. We try to keep the company in touch with the reality of the country and its environment, as well as understand the needs of the populations with which we interact. At the corporate level, we integrate the good practices of each business and learn from each lesson to obtain the best results.

Programs and actions

To find out about the specific programs and actions that we develop to transcend by contributing to the global objectives of sustainable development, we invite you to learn about some of our initiatives:

CMI Leads

We promote entrepreneurship and formal work with projects that train entrepreneurs and enhance their opportunities.

CMI Educates

We provide opportunities for personal development through study, university and food scholarships, while promoting the improvement of the infrastructure of educational centers and day care centers and alliances with universities. In addition, it has the corporate university laUcmi.

CMI Together with You

We generate personal development opportunities for our collaborators and programs for access to drinking water, medical brigades, reforestation and road construction.

CMI Takes care of the environment

We work on projects that reinforce our commitment to caring for the environment in the communities where we are present in order to reduce the impact of our operations.