About CMI

100+ years of creating economic, social, and environmental value in the communities where we operate, offering excellence and quality in our products, services, and projects.

It all started with a little store

The roots of CMI (Corporación Multi Inversiones) are in a little convenience store located in San Cristóbal, Totonicapán, Guatemala.

In 1920, Don Juan Bautista Gutiérrez, founded that little store that turned into a corporation of 40,000+ team members, with a presence in more than 16 countries, many of them located in Latin America and the United States.

  • Mol

    1936: Our first mill

    In 1936, Don Juan Bautista Gutiérrez founded the first mill that began the corporation’s industrial milling operations.

We create sustainable impact

At CMI, we are passionate about our clients and we develop and offer quality products and solutions, working to generate value in everything we do and identifying opportunities to grow together.

Through our Food and Capital Business Groups, we create a sustainable impact in the communities where we operate, offering excellence and quality in our products and services.

We are part of the lives of thousands of families in the region, with products and services that have the tradition of trust and local taste.

CMI Foods

It includes businesses of wheat and corn flour mills, pasta and cookies production; poultry and pork industries with processed foods and cold cuts; balanced food for animals and pets, as well as the restaurant industry.

CMI Capital

It includes renewable energy generation projects, real state development projects, and financial services businesses.

CMI Business Groups

Corporate governance

Committed to transcending as a corporation while preserving our family business legacy, we created a robust, comprehensive, responsible, and transparent corporate governance that ensures the sustainable and exponential growth of the corporation led by experienced executives committed to our family values.