Our History

This is the path we have traveled through the years.


Our first mill

In 1936, Don Juan Bautista Gutiérrez founded the first mil. It started what we know today as the corporation’s Milling Business Unit.



Villalobos Farm

The Villalobos Farm was founded in 1964, starting the poultry operation in Guatemala.

CMI Granja Villalobos


A year full of innovations

Pollo Campero was born in 1971, a business that today shapes the Central American Restaurants Business Unit.


The expansion of poultry operation begins

CMI begins the expansion of its poultry and restaurant operations from Guatemala to Central America in 1972.


Beginning in the construction industry

In 1986, CMI began its operations in the construction industry, with the purpose of developing urbanization and housing projects, shopping centers and office complexes in various areas of Guatemala.


Renace Hydroelectric begins negotiations

CMI’s first Renewable Energy project is located in San Pedro Cachá, Alta Verapaz in Guatemala.


Franchising incursion into the United States

In 2002, our United States operation begins through a Pollo Campero franchise model.


Beginning of industrial operations in southern Mexico

A flour mill is acquired in the south of Mexico, mainly dedicated to the produccion of wheat flour.


Acquisition of wheat flour mill in Nicaragua

The Gemina wheat flour mill is acquired in Chinandega, Nicaragua.


Acquisition of regional energy platforms

CMI acquires one of the most important regional platforms in the renewable energy sector, with wind and solar energy projects.


CMI acquires Pronaca shareholding in Ecuador

CMI acquires a shareholding of Pronaca in Ecuador, a company dedicated to
processing poultry, pork and balanced food for animals.

Inauguration of the first hotel

CMI opens the first 5-star hotel in Quetzaltenango, Latam Hotel Plaza in Pradera Quetzaltenango.


Investment of Multi-Proyectos and Grupo Tecun

Multi-Proyectos and Grupo Tecuun invested US$53 million in the construction of a new Pradera shopping mall in Vistares, Guatemala.

AES El Salvador and CMI invested in Bósforo project

AES El Salvador and CMI invested $160 million in the Bósforo project, which
included 10 solar plants that will generate 100 megawatts.

Formation of CMI Foods and CMI Capital

The corporation integrates its businesses through two groups: CMI Foods and CMI Capital.


Investment in Toledano company

We made an important investment in Toledano, a company leader in the poultry industry in Panama. We did this through La Estancia, a strategic management and investment platform which generates value by acquiring and transforming leading companies dedicated to animal protein in the Panama and the Andean region.

Inauguration of Zacapa Shopping Mall

In 2019 CMI, through Multi-Proyectos, inaugurates a new shopping center in Zacapa with an investment of more than US$16 million.


Acquisition of a solar energy platform

CMI acquired a solar energy platform in the Dominican Republic, with an installed capacity of 53 MW.

Recognition of the trajectory as a family business

The Argentine Institute of Family Business (IADEF) and the Latin American Institute of Family Business (ILAEF) recognized CMI for its Business Trajectory and Corporate Governance, within the framework of the celebration for the 100th anniversary of the corporation.


laUcmi is certified by The LPI

CMI’s corporate university, laUcmi, became the first organization of its kind in Latin America to be certified by The Learning & Performance Institute in London.

100th anniversary celebration

CMI celebrated its first 100 years with the successful placement of US$700 million in green bonds, the largest by a renewable energy company in Central America and the Caribbean to date, and marking CMI Energy’s entry into the international capital market , with the largest and most diversified 100% renewable private energy portfolio in the region.

Inauguration of wheat mill in Guatemala

Betting on the development of the region, CMI inaugurated a wheat mil that increases the flour production capacity in Guatemala by 35%. This wheat mill is part of the commitment to the food security of the country and the region.

New cookie production line

In 2021, a new cookie production line is started with the latest technology, which enables innovation in products and packaging.

CMI acquires the operations of La Cantonesa

CMI acquires the operations of La Cantonesa, specialized in pasta, soups and sauces.


CMI announces the largest investment in its history

In 2022 CMI announced an investment of US$1.8 billion over the next three years, which will be used for job creation, infrastructure improvement, innovation, and social projects.

Integration of AIS Bakery

The CMI family grew during 2022 with the integration of AIS Bakery, expanding the offer of formulations in flour premixes, creams, toppings and pastry fillings and expanding CMI’s presence in the region with its operation in Colombia.

CMI Capital presents its Strategy with Purpose

The Business Group presents its goals of sustainable operations and solutions. It also updates its materiality analysis.


The poultry operation in Costa Rica strengthens

CMI acquires a poultry plant in Costa Rica with a USD$30 million investment to expand production capabilities.

Operación avícola en Costa Rica se fortalece

New pasta production line in the Dominican Republic

A new pasta production line is inaugurated in the Dominican Republic with an investment of USD$ 7.2 million.

Nueva línea de producción de pasta en República Dominicana

Investment and innovation in poultry plant in El Salvador

With an investment of USD$7 million, CMI improved the facilities of its poultry processing plant to carry out more efficient processes and ensure the quality of its products, under brands like Pollo Indio

Inversión e innovación en planta avícola en El Salvador

Recognition to CMI for preventing more than 256 thousand tons of CO2

The Global firm dsm-firmenich recognized CMI for its nutritional innovations in poultry feed, in favor of the environment.

Reconocimiento a CMI evitar más de 256 mil toneladas de CO2

Pollo Campero arrives in the “Big Apple”

Campero continues its expansion and growth in the U.S. market, bringing its iconic flavor to the streets of Manhattan with two new restaurants: Port Authority and Herald Square.

Pollo Campero llega a la “Gran Manzana”

CMI inaugurates sustainable farm in Guatemala

In alliance with Jurimar, the corporation inaugurates farms to strengthen the country’s poultry production, with an investment of USD $14 million.

CMI inaugura granja sostenible en Guatemala

CMI Capital presents its 2022 Sustainability Report

CMI Capital consolidates its purpose of generating impact investments that promote sustainable development through the presentation of its Sustainability Report.