The significance that was born from the founding of CMI continues today with the following generations through a comprehensive, responsible, and transparent corporate governance system, which ensures a sustainable and exponential growth of the corporation.

CMI Corporation is responsible for ensuring the integrity of a one single CMI as a world-class family business that transcends through time with unity, permanence, transparency, and our founder’s legacy.

The Corporation is led by two general corporate boards that are responsible for the development and definition of the strategic framework for each business to develop its own initiatives, establishing strategic metrics, and intervening mainly to review the business logic and offer suggestions.

Among the Corporation’s functions are to lead and develop the corporate portfolio; guarantee corporate politics and guidelines; develop and promote culture, values, and cross-cutting capabilities; lead financial structuring, treasury, and corporate finances, and lead CSI management and other corporate services.

The Corporation headquarters are located in Guatemala and it is made up of more than 100 team members who build bridges of collaboration and work hand-in-hand with the companies to preserve the unity and significance of CMI.

Corporate Support Units

Corporate leads this integral services that are provided to the different businesses with the objective that these are transversal, standardized, and aligned with the governance of CMI.

ISC – Integrated Services Center

With a team of 400+ highly committed team members and experts in advising each business area, the ISC manages the processes of financial, human resources, administrative, and comptroller services.