Payments and Invoices

What can I do if I have a problem with my registration and/or bill payment process?
You must contact TECONsulto through the following phone numbers. Or, if you are a supplier of a CMI Energy Unit, you should contact the person in charge of Treasury in the operation and country where you provide the service.

CMI Suppliers

What should I do to be part of CMI providers?
Indicating your intention to be part of the CMI provider network and specifying the products or services that your company offers, you must send an email to following addresses according to the business group to which you wish offer services:

If I already provide services to companies of the Corporation, should I register as a supplier to start the commercial relationship with the rest of the companies that are part of CMI?​
Yes, you must write an email to the corresponding group to confirm if it is necessary to update the information already presented.​

What should I do to be an approved CMI provider?​
To find out the requirements, visit the section Supplier Certification .

How can I access the technological tool used by CMI?​
You must go to the section Technological Tool for Supplying.

Technological Tool for Supplying

Where can I find Coupa manuals for supplier use?​
You can find them in the section Technological Tool for Supplying

Is there a video available for providers where I can learn more about the Coupa tool?
Yes, you can find it in the section Technological Tool for Supplying.

Where can I find the communications sent to suppliers about the use of the Coupa tool?

You can find more information in the section Technological Tool for Supplying.