Campero USA: An opportunity to grow and trascend

November 14 2022

Since Campero began operations in the US in 2002, it has become a place of opportunities for many of our employees to achieve their personal and professional goals. This, thanks to their effort, and passion that contributes to the growth of the brand and thus generates more development opportunities for everyone.

At CMI, we believe in the opportunity to grow together. That’s why at Pollo Campero USA, in addition to promoting a positive working environment, we consider the aspirations of our employees, to generate opportunities for development and growth Dolores Meza or Beatriz Ajcum, are two outstanding example of employees whose talent opened the doors to new experiences within the company.

As a Corporation proud of its Central American roots, at CMI we are excited about the growth and success of Pollo Campero in one of the most competitive markets, such as the United States. This success would not be possible without the efforts of thousands of employees of the CMI family, who everyday give theirs best so our customers and clientes can enjoy the full experience of the Sabor Flavor.

Our motivation

At CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones and throughout each of our business groups, we work with passion for our clients to deliver quality in the services and solutions we provide.

Pollo Campero USA is part of CMI Foods, one of the most important food groups in Latin America whose operations include wheat and corn flour mills, pasta and cookie production; poultry, pork, processed and sausage manufacturing industry; animal feed and restaurant industry.

A historic goal

Thanks to the vision and leadership of CMI Foods Chairman, Juan José Gutiérrez, Campero USA has grown over the past 20 years and currently has over 85 locations across the US. The brand foresees strong growth in 2023 with at least 35 new restaurants and, in addition, CMI has announced the investment of US$180 million in infrastructure and expansion of the Pollo Campero brand in this country for the next 3 years.

With this clear vision of future growth, Campero USA will keep bringing its unique and one-of-a-kind flavor to more cities in the United States with a great team or employees, and many new employment and development opportunities.