CMI Capital consolidates its purpose towards a sustainable future: The 2022 Sustainability Report is a reflection of the generation of impact investments that drive sustainable development in the region.

November 7 2023

CMI Capital unveils its 2022 Sustainability Report, in which it demonstrates how it is consolidating its purpose of generating impact investments that drive sustainable development.

The presentation of the report “Consolidating our purpose” is an exercise in transparency that testifies to the existing commitment to its leadership in impact investments.

2022 has been a year of achievement and transformation for CMI. Throughout the report, the results of the three business units that make up CMI Capital are presented: Energy, Real Estate Development and Finance, which gave great results for the care of the environment, the strengthening of the economy and the promotion of social development.

“In the report we present our strategy with purpose, a roadmap for the business in environmental, social and governance issues for 2030, which will continue to promote decarbonization, real estate development and sustainable finance, as well as CMI’s contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals” these are words from Enrique Crespo, CEO of CMI Capital.

It is a priority for the company to play an active role in contributing to the mitigation of climate change, in implementing programs that improve the quality of life of the communities with which it interacts, in creating safe spaces for public use that improve the local surroundings and promote well-being, and in designing financial services that support the growth and profitability of the businesses.

CMI Capital’s outstanding achievements in 2022

  • Well-being and professional development of all those who work at CMI: the company was recognized as one of the best employers in the region, thanks to its People+ program.
  • Conscious Leadership: The CMI Leadership Model establishes a focus on strategic vision, talent development and disciplined execution, which has been fundamental to achieving the company’s sustainable results. It is because of this vision that Enrique Crespo was recognized as one of the CEOS driving the region forward by Connecta Awards.
  • Leadership in Global Impact Investments: CMI Capital becomes the first private company to join the Global Impact Investment Network (GIIN), demonstrating its strong commitment to impact investments that generate measurable social and environmental benefits.
  • Pioneers in Green Finance: The successful placement of US$700 million in green bonds in 2021, brought them added success with recognition by Climate Bonds demonstrating the work done in climate resilient and low-carbon project finance.
  • Advances in Decarbonization: CMI Capital’s Energy Unit has achieved an effective system capacity of 818 MW in renewables, contributing significantly to decarbonization and avoiding the emission of approximately 1.7 million tons of CO2 per year.
  • Responsible Growth: In the Real Estate Development Unit, more than 27,000 m2 of additional construction have followed sustainable criteria, adding up to a total of almost 350,000 m2. In addition, the 13 Pradera Shopping Centers have registered an average of 48 million visits in 2022.
  • Solutions for sustainable transformation: As part of their proposal to support other companies in their transformation, they have developed two businesses that focus on providing solutions and support to companies to achieve their decarbonization goals. ION Energy managed to commercialize a total of 530,929,159.89 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy.
  • Support for the creation of the Sustainable Finance Advisory Council: In conjunction with the IDB and Centrarse, we supported the structuring of the Council, in addition to joining the Sustainable Finance Protocol of Guatemala to continue promoting a financing ecosystem.
  • Commitment to Biodiversity: CMI Capital has planted around 180,000 trees in multiple countries and in Guatemala has a Private Natural Reserve that conserves approximately 200 hectares.

In addition, in 2022, CMI Capital presented its Strategy with Purpose, which is its business strategy focused on sustainable development. This 2030 strategy is based on sustainable operations to offer sustainable solutions.

CMI Capital’s 2022 Sustainability Report demonstrates the company’s commitment to promoting sustainable development in all the countries where it operates. For more details on CMI Capital’s achievements and purposeful strategy, please refer to the Sustainability Report:

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