CMI Capital joins the Global Impact Investment Network (GIIN)

August 23 2022

As part of our commitment to sustainability, and aligned with our purpose of generating impact investments that drive sustainable development, CMI Capital joined the Global Impact Investment Network (GIIN). 

CMI Capital becomes the first private company to be part of this initiative, in which development banks, financial institutions, investment funds, among others, participate.

GIIN is a network of impact investment dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investment around the world. Its goal is to promote impact investments that generate a positive and measurable social and environmental benefit or contribution, along with a financial return. 

With a diverse global community of more than 360 organizations in approximately 50 countries, GIIN works to deepen its commitment to impact investment by generating partnerships, building the investment community, and accelerating industry development.

This Impact Investing Network provides a platform for like-minded investors to come together and engage in activities that build the impact investing industry from a practitioner’s perspective.

CMI, a leader in Impact Investing 

Through its three business units: Energy, Real Estate Development and Finance, CMI Capital develops high positive impact investments which, in addition to strengthening and energizing the economy of the countries where it operates, also provides sustainable development, which cares for the environment and the welfare of the surrounding communities.

In this way Corporación Multi Inversiones, through CMI Capital, reaffirms its commitment to impact investments in order to position itself as a business leader in the field.