Conchita Fuentez: A story of passion for customer service in Campero USA

October 28 2022

Conchita Fuentez has been part of CMI for 20 years, since Pollo Campero first opened its doors in the United States. Currently, customers who visit Campero in Los Angeles, California are greeted by her, who always welcomes them with a smile.

At CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones, as a company with warmth of a family-owned business, we are proud of the people who become part of our great CMI family. We are proud of the positive impact we generate through job creation within our different business groups.

This is the story of Conchita Fuentez at Campero USA, a story of hard work and commitment because it inspires us to keep going and put our best effort into what we do. She starts each day with a smile and is willing to share her love of customer service at Campero USA, which has been her place of business for the past 20 years and has become her “second family” as she often says. Faithful to our principles and to the teachings of our founder, Juan Bautista Gutiérrez, for Conchita the key to success is that “you have to go keep going” and do a good job until we reach our dreams.

Two decades of service

With 20 years of presence in the United States, Pollo Campero is a brand that represents Central Americans and that every day conquers more consumers in the international market. With over 85 restaurants in this country, and more than 2,500 employees, the growth of the business follows the vision of our Chairmen, Juan Luis Bosch at CMI Capital and Juan José Gutiérrez at CMI Alimentos.

This growth is foreseen in the context of CMI’s recent announcement of a historic investment of USD$1.8 billion, which also includes an investment of USD$180 million for the growth of Campero USA over the next three years.

Like Conchita’s story, there are many that are the heart and essence of our presence in the United States and other countries, stories of hard-working people who share our desire to provide good service and for more people to enjoy the one of a kind Campero Flavor.

Thank you for your example and effort, Conchita!