Dolores Meza: ” A dream I once had is coming true”

November 24 2022

“The recipe for delivering good service must include respect and a good working environment” – Dolores Meza, Restaurant Manager at Campero USA.

Many stories brighten the two decades of Pollo Campero in the United States. That is thanks to the people who have been part of Campero USA since its opening and continue to be part of the great family of CMI Corporación Multi Inversiones, spreading their passion for good service.

Dolores Meza is part of the CMI and Campero USA family, and her story is a living example that dreams can come true with perseverance. Her career started at Campero 20 years ago, and she took on every growth opportunity available until she became Restaurant Manager. “I was an assistant, and I told myself, someday I’m going to be the manager of this store. The dream I once had is coming true.”

Growing together

During her years at Campero USA, Dolores has proven that life goals can be achieved with hard work. Like hers, there are many stories from our employees who have harnessed growth opportunities within the company. At Campero USA, success is a collective achievement resulting from a team effort.

Campero USA is part of CMI Foods, and as part of its growth plan in the United States, the brand announced an investment of US$180 million over the next three years. With this, significant growth is expected in this country, enabling us to bring the delicious Campero Flavor to more families and homes in the United States.

At CMI, we are proud of the growth and acceptance of Pollo Campero in this market, which promotes investment and more employment and development opportunities. This is made possible through the leadership and vision of our Chairman and President, Juan José Gutiérrez.

Thank you, Dolores, for being an example of perseverance and for a well-done job!