Hidroeléctrica Renace and CMI contribute to community development

January 5 2023

The San Pedro Carchá Electrification Program is moving forward to benefit 1,386 families in 14 communities, thanks to the public-private partnership between Energuate, Hydroelectric Renace and the Municipal Corporation of this locality in Guatemala.

At CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones, we believe that development is achieved when populations have essential services to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants, including electric energy.

Three hundred and fifty families from two communities were connected to the electrical grid as a result of the “Public Private Alliance for the Electrification of San Pedro Carchá”, in which Hydroelectric Renace, Energuate and the Municipality of San Pedro Carchá are active members.

Enrique Crespo, CEO of CMI Capital, said: “Our challenge in generating clean energy with social sense is to contribute to access to affordable energy. We are pleased with the progress of this project that directly impacts people’s quality of life and has been carried out through relationships based on dialogue, respect and teamwork”.

With a vision for the future

This project has been implemented since 2017 and has benefited 175 families from Sejalal and Chopoip; 162 from Chimuy and Chicuis; 183 from Sequim and Chiquisis. Its continuity is planned to incorporate the communities of Chisap, Santa Cecilia, Chiuntul and Seacal. The rural electrification project consists of four phases and will benefit a total of 1,386 families in 14 communities.

In December 2022, the 245 homes in the community of Xicacao and the 101 in Rubelcruz, took another step towards development with the benefits of electricity, which means improving the quality of life of the people and the generation of productive projects and enterprises.

At the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023, the Purulhá and Oquebhá communities are expected to be expanded and incorporated, respectively, where 231 families will benefit.