CMI attends Council of the Americas forum on energy transition in Latin America

December 29 2022

Experts and professionals shared their views on the energy transition in Latin America and the Caribbean, including our Director of Development, New Business and Commercial at CMI Energy, Sean Porter, along with representatives from governments and financial institutions.

The Council of the Americas (AS/COA) organized a panel discussion with energy experts to discuss the opportunities for an energy transition in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the challenges of reducing carbon production and strategies to meet growing energy needs.

Our Director of Development, New Business and Commercial at CMI Energy, Sean Porter, was invited as a panelist because of the role that CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones, plays in the implementation of renewable energy projects in the region.

During the panel, Porter highlighted the work that CMI has done over the past 20 years and emphasized the importance that banks have played in enabling renewable energy projects. Now, it is time to demonstrate that capital solutions can be provide investors the return on investment they are looking for. “Banks teaming up with the private sector for more creative and sophisticated projects can take Central America to the next level and eliminate the big energy shocks we see in the region when we must use alternatives that are very costly to the energy system,” he added.

Working together

The event aimed to address the impact of the current political and commercial context, as well as that of the various energy sources available, in light of a transition. Also the roles of governments, the participation of the private sector and local communities, in order to promote public policies and investment to ensure energy, economic and climate security.

According to the organizing entity, “opportunities to meet the growing demand for energy exist using current and future energy sources in a way that maintains affordability, reliability and sustainability, while expanding access to the region’s growing communities and industries.”

Energy and sustainability

CMI Capital is part of the business groups of CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones, a family-owned, multi-Latin corporation founded in Guatemala in 1920, currently employing more than 40,000 people in 16 countries.

We appreciate the invitation from the Council of The Americas to be part of the panel of experts, where we reaffirm our commitment to renewable energy generation that positively impacts the people, families and communities where we operate.